Marauder The Slash Nymph, NEW MOM (marauderthesn) wrote in mtsn_hp_au,
Marauder The Slash Nymph, NEW MOM

Another Prisoner, Another Professor: Chapter Fifty-Seven


I was here towards the end of February. Don’t blame Kreacher; I waited until he left to buy groceries and then got inside the house.

Lucius killed Regulus. I know how and I know why, but I need one more piece of evidence before I can prove it to you. I’ve taken the rest of Regulus’s diary for leverage, but I left this much so you could see that no matter what else he believed, he never blamed you for leaving home.

It’s possible I won’t be able to track down my last piece of evidence. Without it, I won’t be able to prove Lucius’s guilt – or my innocence – but I’ll still be able to give you proof that Regulus is dead. I would give you the proof now if I were in a position to give things freely, but I’m not. I’m sorry. After all that’s happened, I can’t trust that you’ll want to help me.

Get me a full criminal trial and I’ll give you the proof that Regulus is dead. I’ve been following the Malfoy investigation and I don’t think the Aurors will find enough for an indictment, much less a conviction. I’m not asking for a pardon from the Ministry; all I want is a real trial with my own attorney and a chance to present evidence and call witnesses. From what I know of Brutus Swift, I think he ought to be able to do that for me. You’ll hear from me again when I see it in the Prophet that Swift’s moved to give me a full trial. You may not hear from me until a week or so after the article runs, because sometimes I can only get the Prophet out of a rubbish bin.

I’m glad you’ve had a chance to go back to teaching. Take good care of yourself, Sirius.

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