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Another Prisoner, Another Professor: The AU HP World of Marauder

Another Prisoner, Another Professor
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An alternate universe Harry Potter fanfic about Harry's third year

Harry Potter is in his third year at Hogwarts. The good news: Professor S. A. Black, the best Defense Against the Dark Arts professor yet, who teaches his classes to duel, puts Malfoy in detention, and helps Harry to fight against the dementors. The bad news: those dementors have arrived at Hogwarts to guard the castle against Remus Lupin, a werewolf and an escaped prisoner from Azkaban famous for killing thirteen people with one curse, who wrote Harry's name in blood on the walls of his cell. It's a year full of questions. Is Lupin using blood magic on Harry - and why are all the books on blood magic missing from the Hogwarts library? Why is Black up in the middle of the night desperate to see the Mirror of Erised? Who is the mysterious "Astrophil", author of an unaddressed love letter that Crookshanks found? And, of course, the most important question of all if your name is Oliver Wood: is Gryffindor going to win the Quidditch Cup?

"Another Professor, Another Professor" is the first in a series of five planned alternate universe fics, which will take Harry all the way through his seventeenth year. More than "PoA with Sirius and Remus's names switched", as its first readers feared it would be upon hearing the premise, it has its own unique plot and was Niffled by the FictionAlley Nifflers.

Another Prisoner, Another Professor

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fifteen Chapter Sixteen Chapter Seventeen Chapter Eighteen Chapter Nineteen Chapter Twenty Chapter Twenty-One Chapter Twenty-Two Chapter Twenty-Three Chapter Twenty-Four Chapter Twenty-Five Chapter Twenty-Six Chapter Twenty-Seven Chapter Twenty-Eight Chapter Twenty-Nine Chapter Thirty Chapter Thirty-One Chapter Thirty-Two Chapter Thirty-Three Chapter Thirty-Four Chapter Thirty-Five Chapter Thirty-Six Chapter Thirty-Seven Chapter Thirty-Eight Chapter Thirty-Nine Chapter Forty Chapter Forty-One Chapter Forty-Two Chapter Forty-Three Chapter Forty-Four Chapter Forty-Five Chapter Forty-Six Chapter Forty-Seven Chapter Forty-Eight Chapter Forty-Nine Chapter Fifty Chapter Fifty-One Chapter Fifty-Two Chapter Fifty-Three Chapter Fifty-Four Chapter Fifty-Five Chapter Fifty-Six Chapter Fifty-Seven Chapter Fifty-Eight Chapter Fifty-Nine Chapter Sixty Chapter Sixty-One Chapter Sixty-Two Chapter Sixty-Three Chapter Sixty-Four Chapter Sixty-Five Chapter Sixty-Six Chapter Sixty-Seven

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I entered several chapters of this fic on I Write Like, and it told me...

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